Salmon Skin Frying Machine Sold to America

Complete frying machine for shipping to america
complete frying machine for shipping to America
The continuous salmon skin frying machine can be used for the mass production of crispy salmon skin snacks.
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The continuous salmon skin frying machine can be used for the mass production of crispy salmon skin snacks. This commercial food fryer can process a variety of fried foods such as chicken nuggets, potato chips, fried peanuts, etc. Taizy factory has recently exported a small fryer machine with a capacity of 150 kg/h to America. This practical food frying equipment is suitable for many food factories and large restaurants. Recently, Taizy has exported this commercial fryer to Canada, Korea, Poland, Spain, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Cameroon, Kenya, and other countries.

Fried salmon skin
fried salmon skin

Why choose to buy a salmon skin frying machine?

The client is in the business of deep processing seafood in Miami, USA. His plant has a large number of fish by-products such as fish heads, fish tails, fish offal, salmon skin, etc. He sells the fish heads, fish tails, fish offal, etc. to the fish meal processing plant. The salmon skin, on the other hand, can be processed into delicious fried food.

The U.S. customer said the crispy salmon skin is common in the local market and is a popular casual snack. So he decided to purchase a fryer to process the fried salmon skin. The customer wanted to receive the fryer quickly for production, so they asked us to arrange air freight.

The customer also indicated that his factory was not large and his production needs were not large. Therefore, we recommended a small fryer with a length of 2.5m and a width of 400mm to meet the customer’s needs. The salmon skin frying machine is electrically heated and the frying temperature can be adjusted from 120°C to 180°C. The frying time for salmon skin is about 50 seconds.

To ensure a better taste of crispy salmon skin, we recommend an automatic vibratory degreasing machine for our customers. This machine can remove the excess oil drops from the surface of the fried salmon skin by vibrating it at high speed. We also recommended to the customer an automatic seasoning machine for mixing and seasoning the crispy salmon skin. However, the customer indicated that he had a limited budget and did not intend to purchase the seasoning equipment, but to use manual seasoning for the fried salmon skin.

Fried salmon skin snacks
fried salmon skin snacks

Parameters of salmon skin fryer machine for America

ItemTechnical dataQty
Salmon skin fryer
Salmon skin frying machine for sale   
Model: TZ-250
Conveyor motor:0.75kw
Heating Power: 48 kW
Voltage: 380v/50Hz
Belt width :400mm
Heating way: electric
Oil volume:400L
Capacity:150kg/h up to different raw materials
Machine size: 2500 * 900 * 1500 mm
Automatic temperature controller
Belt speed adjustable/Variable speed motor
Machine material: full 304SUS/thickness 3 mm
After packing:2700*900*1600mm
1 set
Vibration deoiling machine 
 Vibration deoiling machine
Machine size:1500*1100*900mm  
After packing:1650*1400*1300mm
After packing weight:120kg