Small Fryer Machine Exported to Germany Snack Bar

Small fryer machine for shipping to german
small fryer machine for shipping to German
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A small electrically heated fryer machine was exported to a snack bar in Germany for processing fried soup rolls. The length of this small fryer is 1.8m and the width of the mesh belt is 40cm. This continuous frying machine can be used to process not only fried soup rolls but also other fried foods such as chicken nuggets, potato chips, etc. At present, this small fryer is widely used in canteens, chain restaurants, fast food restaurants, bakeries, and so on.

Fried soup rolls in german
fried soup rolls in German

What is the small fryer machine price for German?

The specifications of fryers usually vary from customer to customer, and therefore their prices vary greatly. The heating method of continuous type food fryer is electric heating, gas heating, and other options respectively.

Different heating methods make the structure of the fryer different. In addition, the length and width of the continuous fryer can be customized according to the processing volume requirements of different customers.

This small fryer machine purchased by this German customer is a very hot selling frying equipment in our factory, with the advantages of good price, simple structure, easy operation and low maintenance cost.

Details of small fryer machine order for German

The German customer has a local food store that deals with various types of snacks. In order to mass produce deep-fried soup rolls, the customer decided to purchase a small frying machine. The customer already has a semi-automatic fryer that has been in use for about 2 years. The German customer said that his original fryer was frequently used and was now experiencing wiring problems, so he decided to purchase another fryer.

The German customer’s food store was limited in size, so he chose the smallest model of the electrically heated fryer. The length of the fryer machine is 1.8m, the width of the belt is 40cm and the power is 24kw. The capacity of the frying machine is about 100kg per hour.

Parameters of Germany’s small electric fryer machine

Continuous electric fryer machine
Electric frying machine  
Model: TZ-1800
Machine size: 1800*950*1350mm
Capacity: 100kg/h
Voltage: 380v,50hz ,three-phase
Power: 24kw  
Weight : 700kg
Belt width: 400mm, chain belt
Material: 304 stainless steel
Oil capacity: 140L
Heating type: Electric  
1 set