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Spiral belt freezer for sale
Spiral belt freezer for sale
Spiral freezer manufacturers introduce you to single spiral and double spiral freezers, and their technology and working principle.
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The spiral freezer is one of the quick freezers. This kind of quick-freezing machine uses stainless steel conveyor mesh belt to make spiral movement in the freezing room, so as to realize rapid freezing. Compare to the tunnel freezer, the spiral belt freezer rotates in a vertical direction, so the spiral quick-freezing machine has the characteristics of a compact structure and small floor space. The spiral freezing machine adopts a distribution structure of top and side blowing, which can realize rapid freezing. The spiral freezer is widely used for fast freezing foods such as pasta, meat products, aquatic products, fruits, and vegetables. It is the ideal investment equipment for modern quick-frozen food factories.

Industrial spiral freezer working principle

Place the materials that need to be frozen on the spiral quick freezer conveyor belt, and the horizontal conveyor belt transports the food directly to the spiral freezing area. The conveyor belt presents a spiral upward trend, and the food enters the lifting track of the quick-freezing chamber along with the conveyor belt. During the transportation process, the food is affected by the horizontal ring-shaped cold air generated by the refrigeration system. The horizontal cold air exchanges heat with the vertically moving food. So as to realize the rapid cooling and freezing of food.

Spiral freezer working principle
Spiral Freezer Working Principle

Automatic Spiral blast freezing machine design

Since the conveyor belt of the spiral quick-freezing machine is arc-shaped, the machine’s air duct also adopts an arc-shaped structure. It adopts longitudinal opposite blowing and circulating air supply to ensure full contact with materials. In addition, the spiral tower and the evaporator’s peripheral party wind board are designed as symmetrical wake-up air ducts. Therefore, it enhances the heat exchange effect of the food, and it is convenient for the operator to check the internal operation.

Spiral blast freezing machine design
Spiral Blast Freezing Machine Design

Applicable raw materials for spiral freezers

The spiral quick-freezer has a wide range of applications. This quick-freezer is suitable for quick-freezing all kinds of noodles, rolls, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. It is not only suitable for quick freezing of quick-frozen granular or small pieces of food. It is also suitable for freezing whole chicken, fish, and other foods.

Types of spiral freezers

According to the number of spirals, Taizy currently provides two types of spiral quick freezers, single spiral, and double spiral quick freezers. The double spiral machine has one more quick-freezing area than the single type. Therefore, its output is larger than that of a single spiral quick-freezer. Moreover, the two types of spiral freezers’ conveyor belt width is optional, and the spiral cage diameter is optional. Due to the unique structure of the spiral, Taizy quick-freezing equipment manufacturers can design the entrance and exit positions according to the customer’s site area and production space.

Single spiral freezer
Single Spiral Freezer

Single spiral quick-freezer parameters

Cooling consu-mption(kw)85125165220300
Installed power16.221.721.724.627

Double spiral quick freezing machinery parameters

Freezer roomsize(meter)12.5*4.6*3.113.1*5.0*3.616.1*5.1*3.916.1*5.3*4.317.1*6*4.8
Cooling consu-mption(kw)165220300360400
Installed power(kw)2024324046
Double spiral freezer
Double Spiral Freezer

Advantages of spiral quick freezer

  1. The unique spiral structure of the spiral quick-freezer makes it have a unique symmetrical and smooth circular air duct design, which increases the effect of heat exchange.
  2. It uses a food-grade stainless steel conveyor belt to ensure safety and sanitation.
  3. The central control system equips with automatic detection and alarm devices, which are convenient for operation and maintenance.
  4. Continuous and uninterrupted production, large production output, production capacity range from 200kg/h to 10000kg/h.
  5. The spiral quick-freezing machine can be customized according to the quick-frozen products and customer requirements. For example, customize the width of the conveyor belt, the diameter of the spiral cage, the position of the inlet and outlet, the length of the conveyor belt, etc.
  6. A variety of ancillary equipment options. The spiral quick-freezer body can equip with a fully welded method. CIP automatic cleaning system can be selected to clean the inside of the machine. It is optional to choose the ADF air to defrost system.
  7. The spiral quick-freezing machinery is simple to operate and easy to clean. The operation adopts a central control system and does not require special technical requirements. The evaporator is made of aluminum alloy, and the feeding section equips with a powerful cleaning device to ensure the hygiene of the conveyor belt.
  8. Adopt a professional stainless steel heat insulation warehouse body, the warehouse door is a double-layer sealing strip and equipped with a heater to effectively prevent freezing.
Spiral freezer manufacturer
Spiral Freezer Manufacturer

Taizy spiral freezer manufacturers meet the customers’ different needs

Due to the large production models of quick freezers, it will inevitably encounter various problems in application processes. When you buy a spiral quick-freezer, you first need to choose a reliable quick-freezer manufacturer. Reliable blast freezer manufacturers will provide reliable service and perfect after-sales service throughout your purchase of a spiral blast freezer. Taizy not only provides spiral-type quick-freezers, but it also provides tunnel-type, liquid nitrogen, flat-panel, and other types of quick-freezers. And these quick freezers can meet the different needs of customers. The freezing time of the quick-freezer cabinet can be adjusted according to different quick-frozen products. Since the spiral quick-freezer is a non-standard design, it can also be designed according to the special requirements of customers.

Spiral freezing machine application
Spiral Freezing Machine Application

What is the spiral freezer price?

The spiral freezer price cannot be generalized. The spiral blast freezer has a single spiral structure and a double helical structure, and each structure of the blast freezer has multiple models. Moreover, if you have other special needs for the machine, the machine price is also different. Therefore, we first need to know your specific needs. Then, we can make a quotation according to your needs. If you are interested in our spiral blast freezer, please contact us.