The customer from Nigeria bought a whole garri production line

Cassava production line 13
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Garri production line, as its name shown, is to extract garri from cassava, and the whole processing machines are rather complicated. The garri is considered as the main food by Nigeria people, and we sold many this line to Nigeria in recent years. The customer Paul is young and he plants a lot of cassava farmland, so he wants to produce garri and then sell them on the market.

Working flow
Working Flow


Paul brought cassava from Nigeria by air, and it is important for him to test machines, for he needs the machine all equipped with high quality, only in this way, he can get very good garri to gain profit.

He asked our technicians about the problems he has, how to design the factory? how many profits can he get? When will the production cost be recouped? How long can he win the profit? Our worker answered his question one by one with a professional attitude and great patience. Paul was deeply touched by our warm service. He made the deposit when leaving the factory.


Actually, we do not have the garri processing machine in stock, and it costs 15 days to manufacture all the machines. When delivering, we also attach the introduction book inside the machine in order to help Paul to fully understand how to operate.

Unfortunately, Paul had no idea how to install all the garri production line, and he turned to us for help. We sent him the operation video, but it does not work! Confronting with such a situation, we arranged our technicians to go to Nigeria to assist him to install them. Finally, we spent one week there to install and train his workers. Paul said that we always put his benefit as the priority, and he is willing to build long-time partnership with us in the future!