The Do’s and Dont’s of the meat chicken brine injecting equipment

Meat duck breast brine injecting machine (5)
Meat duck breast brine injecting machine (5)
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To reach an ideal effect of meat brine injecting, the save and stable installation shall be ensured prior to operation, and the parameter shall be set in accordance with the production requirement of different raw materials. The injecting pressure and steep distance of the brine injecting machine for different kinds of meat varies. For instance, due to the difference between the texture of beef and chicken, the injecting pressure of beef is more intensive than chickens.


Before starting the machine, the following inspections shall be made first.

1. Whether the installation of needle, filter and conveyor belt is in place.

2. Whether the brine pipe and compressor pipe are firmly connected.

3. Whether the power supply is connected firmly and correctly, and whether the surface of the power line is damaged

4. Whether the safety switches and control buttons are well-functioned and whether the safety doors are closed firmly.

5. To make sure there is salt water in the salt tank.

6. Check and adjust the pressure of the compressed air to 6bar, the pressure of the meat pressing plate to 6bar, and the propelling pressure of the injection needle to 1.5-3.2bar (adjust according to the different products, the looser the texture of the product is, the lower the pressure is, usually 2.5 bar).

7. Adjust the pressure of the salt pump to the injection rate of the needle and the stepping distance of the movable bed according to the different adjustment of the product and injection rate (the pressure of the salt pump shall not exceed 4 bar, and the pressure and injection frequency of the needle must be adjusted in the running state).

8. Choose appropriate needle injection method according to different products and injection rate (method 1: injection when the needle is moving downward; method 2: injection when the needle is moving downward and upward; method 3: continuous injection is usually used for needle cleaning).

9. After checking and adjusting the chicken seasoning injecting machine, turn on the machine for meat injecting. During operation, check whether the movement and transmission of the syringe are coordinated before and after the operation.

10. The thickness of meat and placing space between products should be even to ensure uniform and consistent injection effect can be reached.

11. Saltwater prepared must filled into the saltwater tank through the filter. It is strictly prohibited to start the tank under the condition of no salt water in the pump. The temperature saltwater tank shall remain within 45 ℃. Do not pull the needle out under any circumstances to avoid damaging the piston.