Vibration sieving machine

Water remover
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Vibration sieving machine brief introduction

The material enters from the feeding hopper, the vibrating screen is driven by the motor, and the vibrating damper can control the regular mechanical vibration of the screen, so as to remove water from the material surface thus facilitating the next process of material processing (entering the air drying line or packing). Vibration draining equipment is the integrity of the advantages of foreign technology and a variety of new technology, is versatile in processing, less investment in maintenance, and is energy saving, effective, etc.

Vibration sieving machine Scope of application

This equipment can be applied in a variety of production lines. The de-watering mesh is the ideal de-watering equipment for the winery, leisure food factory, afternoon tea restaurant, fruit and vegetable processing plant, beverage shop, coffee shop, frozen food factory, etc.

Vibration sieving machine

Vibration sieving machine main structure

1. The vibrating screen is mainly composed of a frame, screen, vibrator, motor, electric control cabinet, and other parts.

2. The main body of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel including a sieve and frame.

3. The vibration generating motor is rigidly made for constant generation, powerful and durable use.

Vibration sieving machine the working principle

A vibration dewatering machine is also known as vibration dewatering and cleaning equipment, with the adoption of high-frequency vibration, the water on the surface of materials due to gravity will fall through the mesh onto the under plate, then be discharged automatically.

The vibration dewatering machine is suitable for sieving semi-finished products for removing impurities and dewatering. The punching screen vibration machine is designed according to the characteristics and shape of the material of different sizes and is convenient to operate. The de-watering machine, with the method of conveying method adopted, can convey materials and dewater materials at the same time.

Equipped with the high-frequency vibration motor, the water on the surface of the material, due to gravity will fall onto the mesh plate, then be discharged from the screen. A vibration dewatering/draining machine is suitable for semi-draining finished granular products, and to remove impurities including hair, dirt, and crushed stones.