What is the Polvoron moulding machine price in the Philippines?

Polvoron moulding machine in philippines
Polvoron moulding machine in Philippines
The Polvoron moulding machine is used to make mung bean cake, a famous snack in the Philippines. How about the Polvoron moulding machine price?
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Polvoron is a must-have food for traditional Philippine festivals. Commercial production of Polvoron usually requires the use of a Polvoron moulding machine. The mung bean cake forming machine replaces manual labor and greatly improves production efficiency. One machine with multiple functions and various shapes have also made Polvoron maker the favorite of commercial mung bean cake makers. So what is the Polvoron moulding machine price?

Commercial Polvoron moulding machine introduction

The Polvoron moulding machine is a machine specially used for pressing and forming food powder. It has a very wide range of applications, simple operation, and a good suppression effect. The machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic compaction forming, automatic printing, automatic demoulding, automatic panning after forming, and automatic ejection. The pressed finished pattern is clear and not fragile. The pressing mold can be customized according to the shape of the customer’s finished product, and the mold can be replaced. Therefore, you can use this machine to make a variety of pastry products.

Other applications of mung bean cake machine

Mung bean cake machine application
Mung Bean Cake Machine Application

The mung bean cake machine is a pasta-forming machine. It mainly uses a forming device to press the mixed flour into a shape. The molded shape can be round, square, and other shapes. According to the different raw materials, it can make mung bean cake, peanut cake, Vietnamese yellow dragon mung bean cake, and other products.

Polvoron is very popular in the Philippines

Polvoron is a snack made from flour, sugar, milk, nuts, and other ingredients. I is a must-have food for traditional festivals in Spain, the Philippines, and other places. The Filipino version of Polvoron has been transformed by the locals, adding milk powder, toasted bread powder, sugar, butter, and other things. And it is often mixed with raw materials such as strawberries, chocolate coating, peanuts, and so on.

Polvoron making machine using scene
Polvoron Making Machine Using Scene

How about the Polvoron moulding machine price?

The price of  Polvoron forming machine is affected by many factors, such as machine model, number of molds, pattern customization, etc.

Machine model

Mung bean cake machine application
Mung Bean Cake Machine Application

The mung bean cake machine has two models, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The price of the machine is also different depending on the degree of automation. The fully automatic mung bean cake machine is operated by the machine throughout the whole process, while the semi-automatic machine requires manual transfer of trays.

Number of molds

Many customers may want to use one machine to make a variety of products, and then they need to make customized molds. The number of molds will also affect the price of the machine.

Pattern customization

Pattern customization
Pattern Customization

In order to meet customers’ needs for product appearance, Taize Machinery also provides pattern customization services. If you need to engrave patterns on the finished mung bean cake, we can also meet your needs.

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