Chilean customer bought a fish steak frying machine

Industrial continuous fish staek frying machine
industrial continuous fish staek frying machine
A Chilean customer bought a fish steak frying machine for his new business.The customer bought us machine for the twice time.
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The fish steak frying machine is the best choice for many large food production plants. The continuous fryer in this industry not only reduces manual use, but its production output is very large compared to a small fryer. This industrial continuous fish steak frying machine can be used with oil storage tanks, oil filters, and other machines to achieve the function of frying while filtering oil. Therefore, the use of continuous fryers in this industry also saves oil. Recently, we exported a fish steak fryer to Chile.

Why do Chilean customers buy fish steak frying machine?

The Chilean customer is one of our old customers. In 2018, he came to China and visited our factory. In the factory, he saw and came into contact with many food production machines. After visiting our factory, he bought a fryer, de-oiler, freezer, and other machines.

Continuous fish steak fryer deliver picture
Continuous Fish Steak Fryer Deliver Picture

This year, he plans to start a new business. Therefore, he once again ordered a continuous fish steak fryer from us. Similarly, in order to meet his local voltage requirements, we modified the voltage of the machine for him. Moreover, we use wooden boxes to pack the continuous fish cutlet fryer to prevent machine collisions. And before transporting the machine, we also tried the fryer for our customers. And in order to shoot a video of the machine’s operation.

What is the function of the automatic fish fillet fryer?

The automatic fish fillet fryer adopts an advanced filtering and slagging system. Always maintain a safe, hygienic, and environmentally friendly environment during frying. Moreover, the oil fume produced during frying will also be discharged in time by the oil fume exhaust system. Therefore, it will not cause any oil fume pollution to the production workshop.

In addition, the automatic fish fillet fryer uses a double-layer mesh belt to transport the fried materials. The material is between the double-layer mesh belts, which ensures that the fish fillets can be completely immersed in the oil to ensure even heating. At the same time, the double-layer mesh belt conveys the fish steaks from the entrance to the exit. The industry fish fillet fryer adopts segmented control heating to ensure that the temperature required by the frying process is always maintained during the frying process. Avoid producing harmful substances due to too high or too low temperature, which will affect the quality of fried food.

Other types of fish steak frying machine

Besides the industrial continuous fryer, we also provide two other frying machines, which are also suitable for frying fish steaks. Their output is not the same.

Round fish cutlet fryer machine

The circular fryer can realize the functions of automatic feeding and discharging. It has two heating methods: electricity and gas. And its frying output is not lower than that of a continuous fryer.

Automatic fish fillet fryer
Automatic Fish Fillet Fryer

Square fish fillet frying machine

The square fish fillet fryer requires manual feeding and discharging. It has output of 50kg/h, 100kg/h, and 200kg/h.

Small fish cutlet fryer
Small Fish Cutlet Fryer