Vacuum-packed Food Washing & Drying Line

Vacuum-packed food washing line
vacuum-packed food washing line
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This continuous vacuum-packed food washing & drying line is suitable for all kinds of food processing plants to clean and dry the processed packaging food. The capacity of this line is from 500kg/h to 2t/h and can be customized according to customer requirements. Using this automatic washing line to handle packaged food can ensure that the outer packaging of food is clean and free of oil stains, which facilitates the subsequent stages of packing and transportation.

Complete line for washing vacuum-packaged food
complete line for washing vacuum-packaged food

Why should we clean the vacuum-packed food?

Many packaged snacks have a lot of stains on their outer food packaging during the production process, such as oil stains, juices, crumbs, etc. If not cleaned or cleaned in a timely manner, not only will cause the food packaging juice to deteriorate to produce an irritating odor but also because of unattractive and affect sales. The use of vacuum packaging food cleaning and drying plant can effectively remove all kinds of stains from the surface of the outer packaging of food.

Workflow of vacuum-packed food washing line

The equipment of vacuum packaging food cleaning and drying line mainly includes a rinsing machine, bubble washing machine, vibration water removal machine, air dryer, and quick drying machine. The main function of this washing line is to effectively remove the oil and dirt from the outer packaging of packaged food.

Rinsing machine

Rinising machine

After the packaged food is put into the rinsing machine, the oil and dirt on the food package will be gradually integrated into the water. If the product is heavily oiled, the customer can add a certain amount of detergent as needed. In addition, in this washing process, if there are some broken bags of packaged food will automatically float on the water surface, so that the customer can easily screen the broken bags of products. This rinsing link has a steam heating function, which can heat the water in the washing tank.

Bubble washing machine

Bubble washing machine

After rinsing, the packaged food will then enter the bubble washing machine for secondary cleaning. The washing tank of the machine has multiple sets of high-pressure water streams at the end of the tank, which can continuously impact the cleaning products and push them to roll forward. The top of the machine has several sets of shower heads to clean the vacuum-packed food again.

Vibration dewater machine

Vibration dewater machine

The cleaned vacuum-packed food is conveyed to the top of the vibrating water removal machine through the conveyor belt. The machine can remove most of the water on the surface of the packaged food by high-frequency vibration. The screen surface of the vibrating water removal machine is a bending and punching design, which is convenient for material advancement and does not damage the material. The bottom of the machine is equipped with a water-catching tray, which is convenient for recycling the water that is vibrated off in a unified way.

Flip-type air dryer

Air dryer machine

This flip-type air dryer can use multiple sets of powerful fans to air dry packaged food, which is ideal for continuous air drying of large amounts of bagged materials. The conveyor belt of the machine is in the form of a flip-type design, the material can be automatically turned over during the conveying process. The bottom of the air dryer is equipped with a water-catching tray, which is convenient for the unified recycling of blown-off water.

Fast drying machine

3-layer drying machine

This continuous multi-layer dryer is used for fast and thorough drying of materials. Customers with high requirements for product drying can choose this dryer. This machine is heated by steam and the materials are evenly spread on the conveyor belt, which is driven by the motor to make the materials move evenly from the inlet end to the outlet end to complete a drying process.

Main features of the vacuum-packed food washing plant

The machine configuration of this continuous cleaning line is customizable according to the customer’s processing needs. We will recommend the right machine model and the corresponding equipment for the customer’s needs. For example, we recommend the number of washing machines and the need for continuous dryers according to the cleanliness of the customer’s packaged food.

All the equipment of this packed food washing & drying line is made of 304 stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion and wears and tear and can ensure that it will not contaminate the packaged food being cleaned. The heating method of the equipment with heating functions is both electric heating and steam heating available.