How to maintain the industrial continuous tortilla chips frying machine?

Industrial tortilla chips frying machine
industrial tortilla chips frying machine
The industrial continuous tortilla chips frying machine is very popular, and many customers have already purchased it. So how to maintain the fryer?
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The industrial continuous tortilla chips frying machine meets the continuous frying needs of large enterprises. This industrial tortilla chips fryer has a wide range of frying applications, and the frying output is large. And the tortilla chips fryer has a double-layer mesh belt, automatic slagging, mesh belt lifting, and other functions, greatly simplifying the operation of the machine. So how should the tortilla chips frying machine be maintained in daily use?

How to clean the industrial tortilla chips frying machine?

Cleaning: Cleaning the hard objects and residues inside the fryer and in the pipeline.

Trial operation: turn on the slag scraping belt, upper and lower mesh belts, lifting, fume exhaust fans, and circulating pumps in sequence.Ā Observe the operating direction of the equipment, whether there is jamming, and whether there is any leakage.

Refueling: Before adding oil to the pot, clean up the water and residue in the pot and pipes. Then, refuel inside. The oil added to the fryer should cover 30-50mm above the lower mesh belt. The oil can be added according to the actual situation of frying.

Heatingļ¼›Turn on the machine switch to warm up the machine to the required temperature. After the machine reaches the set temperature, put the material into the machine for frying. Then turn on the oil exhaust fan, the slag hanging belt, the upper and lower mesh belts in turn.

Precautions of using the tortilla chips fryer machine

  • After each frying, the machine should be cleaned. And clean up the residue produced during frying to avoid fire.
  • Pay attention to check whether the residue in the residue box is full and discard the residue before it is full. It is strictly forbidden to leave residue in the machine for more than 1 hour. The filtered residue should be placed in water to cool completely and away from the machine.
  • After frying, open the scraping belt and run the scraping belt for 15 to 30 minutes to clean up the residue at the bottom
  • The power should be cut off in time after each frying, and the mesh belt should be lifted up and cleaned after 30 minutes.
  • When lifting the mesh belt, there will be a bumper when the mesh belt is raised to a certain height. The Tortilla chips frying machine must be inserted into the bumper after it is lifted to a certain position. Only then can other operations be performed.
  • The continuous fryer is equipped with a fire extinguishing system to ensure safety during the frying process.

How to maintain the tortilla chips frying machine?

1. Regularly check whether the screws on each part of the machine are tight. If there is slack, it should be tightened in time.

2. When cleaning the machine, use clean water to clean or wipe. It is strictly forbidden to use strong acid or alkali to clean the fryer

3. Regularly clean the machine and clean the residue at the bottom of the fryer. When cleaning, open the mesh belt of the machine to run it, and use a soft brush to clean the mesh belt, the support, and the impurities on the inner surface of the pot.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use spray cleaning at the electric control box or heating pipe.