How to Preserve Smoked Ham?

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How to choose smoked ham?

Smoked ham is a kind of meat products, meat lump is the essential ingredient for a standard for it. The color of ham is pink or rose red, shimmering with healthy luster, and is elasticity in texture, which is easy to be sliced.

The following points should be paid attention to before you buy a smoked ham:

  1. The package. The package should be sealed closely without leaking to avoid oxidation or ham turning moldy. Meat product without a package is not recommended.
  2. The label. The name of the product, the name of the factory and the factory, the production date the shelf life, the product standard, the list of ingredients and the net content shall be indicated on the package of the product.
  3. The production date. Try to choose the production date near the current date to ensure the preservation time.
  4. Requirements on storage temperature, especially hot and warm season, for instance in the summer, attention shall be paid for storage of meat product in the refrigerator.
  5. The quantity of cooked and smoked meat products per purchase. Seal the meat products properly and tightly, and then be preferably kept in the refrigerator, and shall be served as soon as possible to ensure


How to preserve smoked ham?

Smoked ham should be properly stored before it goes bad. Submarined or cured ham without fat shall be wrapped in clean and permeable paper and be wrapped with plastic wrap. While smoked ham with fat, although cured, it is still easy to turn moldy and get infected by insects and disturbed by ants. For humid weather especially in spring, it must be hung in a cool, dry, ventilated, and sunlight blocked place; any breeding of pest shall be quickly destroyed and eliminated to prevent pollution and infection. Before storing, it should be coated with vegetable oil in a sealed and isolated place to avoid the air and prevent the ham from fat oxidation;

Then wrap it with one more layer of edible food plastic film to prevent insect infection.

In summer, apply cooking oil on both sides of the smoked ham, put it in the pot, and cover it with salted and dried vegetables for long time preservation. Pack and seal the smoked ham with plastic wrap and put it in the fresh-keeping drawer in the refrigerator, not in the freezer.