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Mesh conveyer frying machine (3)
Fried Food Production Line

Introduction to frying production line: The main body of the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Double mesh belt conveyor is characterized by its higher efficiency, adjustable variable frequency; The automatic lifting system facilitates workers to clean up the internal parts…

Mesh conveyer frying machine (1)
Frying Machine with Mesh Conveyer

Functional characteristics of mesh belt frying machine: (1) The deep-frying machine adopts the advanced oil-water integration technology, which overcomes the defects of the traditional deep-frying machine and automatically filters to keep the Fried oil clean, so that the fried products are of…

Frying machine (2)
Frying machine

Frying machine Introduction:     The new energy-saving water-oil mixed frying machine has a variety of heating method such as electric heating, coal heating. The water-oil mixed frying machine is the latest version of water-oil integrity deep frying equipment, the smoke-free, multi-purpose equipment adopting…

Fully automatic frying machine (5)
Fully automatic frying machine

Fully automatic frying machine Introduction Introduction: The fully automatic frying machine is of standard SUS304 stainless steel construction. The full automatic series of fryers are equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic mixing system, and automatic discharging system. Electrical control cabinet is made…

De-oiling machine (1)
De-oiling machine

De-oiling machine application:     The de-oiling machine is mainly used for dewatering or de-oiling units or individuals. The de-oiling machine has completely replaced the hard and laborious manual work. The machine is efficient and easy to operate. The mechanical de-oiling is of a…

Banana chips production line
Banana chips production line

Brief introduction:     The processing line of banana slices is composed of banana slicer, elevator, cooling equipment, air drying and dehydration equipment, frying machine, dehydration, deoiling machine, flavoring equipment, packaging equipment and so on. SUS304 stainless steel construction, fine workmanship, continuous operation, and…